Roman Triarii Figure
Greek Hoplite Figure

The Battle for the Ancient World has Begun!

New DLC Available Now! Hegemony III: The Eagle King includes a new historical scenario, invasion sandbox, a dozen new factions, war elephants, all-new naval units and more!

Centuries before Caesar, Alexander and Philip, the forested hills and rocky coasts of ancient Italy draw cultures from across the Mediterranean with promises of wealth and prosperity. Bronze-clad hoplites from the powerful Greek city-states set sail across the Adriatic to carve out bridgeheads of Hellenic culture amongst the native Italic hill tribes, while aggressive bands of Gallic skirmishers make the trek South across the Alps in search of fertile new land. And along the marshy banks of the Tiber river, a small upstart city called Rome battles for independence from the ruling Etruscan confederacy.

But only one faction can rise to become the greatest empire the Mediterranean has ever seen. Will Rome fulfil its destiny to rule the ancient world or will history be rewritten to forge a new Etruscan, Gallic, or Greek hegemony!

Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients is available now for Windows PC!

30+ New Units

Command your army in a time when the arms and tactics evolve with every conflict. Tribal warriors must take up the hoplon shields of their enemies to fight back against the invading Greeks, while early Roman legions learn to adapt the time-tested phalanx in order to survive the Gallic assault.

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Greek Hoplite

Roman Principes



Etruscan Archer

Gallic Noble

Etruscan Light

+ Phalangites
Triarii, and more ...

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Command Armies

Army Formation Movement

Direct armies of hoplites and legionaries on the battlefield in paused or real-time. Plot flanking manoeuvres or snap units into larger formations using intuitive and precise controls.

Manage Resources

Gallic Farm

Construct and protect your network of farms and supply lines to feed your growing empire, while raiding enemy resources to weaken them before the final assault.

Create Worlds

Map Editor

Use the built-in map editor to create your own historical or fantasy worlds and then share them with the community using Steam Workshop.

25+ Factions


Choose from over 25 factions from 6 unique cultures including the Gallic Celts, Etruscans, Romans, Latins, Samnites, and Greeks.

Dynamic Campaign

Objective Dialogue

Sack Rome as the Gauls! Relive the Samnite wars! Dynamic objectives adapt to your strategy allowing you to recreate history or plot your own path to hegemony.

Seamless Map

Strategy Map

Campaign from the rocky coasts of Magna Graecia to the fertile valleys of Cisalpine Gaul on an all-new map at 4x the detail of Hegemony Rome. Use the series' trademark strategic zoom to seamlessly move between the tactical and strategy maps at any time, maximizing your abilities to inspect, control and manage your growing empire.

Dozens of New Features

Faction Skill Tree

Grow and colonize cities, unlock new faction skills, re-train units, purchase slaves, and many more new features make this the most in-depth Hegemony game ever!

Hegemony III: The Eagle King DLC


Hegemony III's first historical scenario follows the conquests of Pyrrhus 'The Eagle' of Epirus and his battles against Rome and Carthage. This all-new expansion includes and expanded map, more than two dozen new historical objectives, new invasion sandbox mode, 10+ new factions, war elephants, and more! Find out more!

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